Refill Cleaners (Not Landfills)

Choose Planet, Not Plastic

Typical house-cleaners you find at the store are 90% water. So you end up buying a whole lot of water in a single-use plastic bottle that the Planet cannot easily digest.

A Smarter Way to Clean

A few friends (aka Planet Hopers) set out to launch HopePodz —  a line of house-cleaner concentrates that  don't come in a plastic bottle, work great, and don't break the bank.

Just save an empty spray bottle from your recycle bin — drop in a HopePodz — and refill with water. It's as planet hopeful as that.

Tried, Tested & True

Cleaning pros use our very same concentrates every day to clean commercial spaces. We're the first in Canada to offer these proven, professional cleaning formulas for your home.